Black Pear Tree – Kaki King & The Mountain Goats

To be honest, I never expected Mr. John Darnielle to collaborate with anyone. The one song he did with Aesop Rock was a surprise enough, although a very good one. Here Kaki King, in her maturation as an artist, away from the long guitar solo’s towards a new, more widely listenable music, melds perfectly with The Mountain Goats folksy style. When I listen to their album I imagine a teenager sitting alone in their room drawing indie comics on the floor. They would dream about a different life, where they were famous and still did the same thing. It is hard to describe.

The lyrics are jaunty, a little more bizarre than the average later works of the mountain goats, but about on par for some of the earlier cassettes, which is nice. On a side note, Darnielle is apparently trying to return to the EP, the new cassette, although thankfully no longer recorded on his boom box. Kaki Kings guitar is truly eerie and inspiring, and defiantly accompanies Darnielles lyrics beautifully.

Of the Album, “Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle” and “Mosquito Repellant” are probably my favorite, and “Bring Our Curses Home” is probably the most recognizable as a pure Mountain Goats song. this is an album to listen to late at night, it plays out subtly in the background, where lines can come in and out of consciousness as concentrating on something else entirely.

I’m not sure I would trade this EP for any of my mountain goats albums, but it’s defiantly a welcome addition to the family.


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