Fakin’ Lettuce and Tomato

Sometimes people ask me what I eat as a vegetarian, and while I’d love to list off all those great leafy greens, and impossible parsnips, the truth is, I cheat sometimes. No, it’s not what you think, the bacon is fake, but the cravings are just as real as any carnivore’s. Every once in awhile, and probably more often than I’ll ever admit, I indulge myself in the most amazing fake BLT ever, complete with mayo and a creamy avocado.

Now I was never really a fan of fake meats, and still find most pretty repulsive. But either the fake meat has improved, or my tastes have changed, probably a a bit of both. This past year I became familiar with a tiny but quite popular sandwich shop in San Francisco that made veggie BLT’s and since then have been on a quest to duplicate and improve.

DIY Veggie BLT

Everyone has their own opinion on sandwich order, and what to include, what not to include, to melt the cheese or slice the lettuce, but here is my version, top to bottom.

  • 1 Sourdough deli roll
  • French Yellow Mustard
  • Sliced Vine Tomatoes
  • Monterrey Jack Cheese
  • Morning Star Fake Bacon
  • Lettuce
  • Sliced Peperchinis
  • Thinly Sliced Red Onion
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • Sliced Avocado (then smashed a little)
  • Mayo

I like to load up the mustard to the cheese and then stick the roll in the toaster oven on broil to melt the cheese (and heat the tomatoes that normally live in the refrigerator. Cold tomatoes freak me out). After the cheese has just started to melt I throw the rest of the fixings on and then slice in half. I have found that it can get pretty messy, so it’s a good idea to wrap this sandwich up before trying to consume.


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