Pizza on the mind.

With the first days of spring showing their face here, I did the only logical thing, I bought a basil plant. It’s no secret that I lack the ability to keep a basil plant alive (yet the potato experiment has been going strong, even through the winter), I have once again bought another aromatic and healthy basil plant. I’d love to blame trying to grow it indoors without any direct sunlight as the problem, but even when I had a whole backyard of sunlight, and plant food to keep little baisy happy, I still killed him. Pro tip: do not go on vacation for a week and leave your basil plant somewhere were it can get blown over, fall a few feet and then get flooded in a freak spring storm. :/ This time I will not be tricked. I will make no attempt to keep it alive, I will view it as a fresh basil repository. I will use it over the corse of a month, get my $5 worth, and then buy a new one. no hurt feelings.

So now with this ticking time bomb of a basil plant,  I decided it was time to make pizza again. After the most illogical break of making pizza over the winter, I have thrown myself back in the game after reading an interesting article on pizza sauce. After spending years of perfecting my own favorite pizza sauce, I came across a new idea and just had to try it. Of all the permutations I went through in my sauce quest, I had always followed the same general recipe. clean tomatoes, cook, blend. I saw no fault in this… it was just how it was done. Now fast forward years, I come across the revolutionary idea of blending the tomatoes BEFORE cooking them! who would have thought? (okay, maybe it’s normal)  Anyway, the initial results were mixed, I was extremely happy with the texture and color (gone are the days of curse orange sauce!) but I may have over done it with the red pepper flakes… again. Perhaps my red peper flakes are just unrealiable… somedays they are mild others they are hot hot hot. Maybe it’s time to make a visit to Rainbow and stock up on spices.


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