Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Around here, Sundays are bread baking days. Some Sundays more than others, and if anything was obvious today, it was that I was making up for lost time. It’s been months since I last made bagels, I had become contented with what was available locally, and trying to eat 10-15 bagels in one week between two people can be challenging, if not gut widening. But for some reason I heard the delicious toppings calling my name and whipped up a batch this morning amid tremendous floor shaking base from our downstairs neighbors, and general debouchery happening just down the block (bay to breakers).

But of course, after hours of making bagels, I was still not satisfied. In my recent attempt to spend more time at the local library, and less time ordering cookbooks off of amazon, I checked out a really wonderful book on whole grain baking (http://www.amazon.com/Good-Grain-Baking-Whole-Grain-Flours/dp/1584798300/) . After spending the morning thumbing through the pages, I saw a really delicious looking photo of a whole wheat and oatmeal sandwich bread. Despite not having the exact ingredients it called for, I decided to plow ahead and just ad lib it.  The result was absolutely delicious, despite being just a little deformed.

The bread of course needed a few hours to cool down before it was ready to eat, so I decided what would really go great with such bread was dill butter. But as I was making the dill butter I decided that what really would go well with both was a good soup, or stew, or anything involving beans an lentils. At this point the oven had been on high for at least 6 hours and I had no real notion of what was going on outside weather wise, so I opted for soup, because I had read earlier in the week that we were in for rain. (of course there was no rain)

Unfortunately, of perhaps fortunately, I am really bad at planning out what I’m making before I start making it, or even sticking with one recipe. So I started cooking some delicious Rancho Gordo beans, Eye of the Goat to be exact (to be honest, I was just enamored with the name) without any real notion of what was going to be for dinner. At that point I was still thinking about pesto pasta. Little did I know where the evening was headed.

After putsing around on the internet looking for inspiration, and half watching America’s Test Kitchen, I decided what my beans really needed was some cinnamon (thanks ATM!), which was a huge mistake. Pro tip to all, cinnamon does not belong in your beans, ever, even if it is ceylon. So here I was with some… let’s call them “interestingly flavored” beans, and not much else. At this point I was thinking dal, all that curry and masala would easily hide my cinnamon mistake. However in my quest for goo dal / lentil recipes I happened upon a “minestrone” soup with lentils and deicded to run with that.

Halfway through starting the soup I realised I was down a few ingredients and decided to just go for it anyway, using miso paste instead of veggie stock, and just throwing whatever vegetables I had lying around into the soup, plus the beans and some pasta. the end result? utter magic. combined with the WW bread, it was the perfect sunday dinner, even if it took all day.


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