Farmers Market Saturdays

It was a beautiful day at the farmers market yesterday, cool but sunny.

While stone fruit was nothing new this week, it was finally sweet enough (and cheap enough) to warrent a few peaches and nectarines. And I’ll admit it, I ate two of them standing over the sink first thing when I got home. Yummmmy!

Interesting cucumbers.

And no trip to the farmers market would be complete without some Adante Dairy cheese, and a mindless veggie lunch.

Mindless veggie lunch generally falls into two categories, leftover magic, or some variety of kale salad. Yesterdays lunch was the former. There is something very gretifying about bringing home a weeks worth of veggies AND clearing out last weeks odd and ends.

I almost always have some kind of cooked grain and bean in my fridge, which is a huge time saver, especially on the bean front, since soaking and cooking can take the better part of a day (or overnight if you’re smart enough to think ahead). Mix those together with almost any combination of veggies and you’re sure to have a decent lunch.

Mindless Lunch 


black beans

roasted beets

sauteted cucumbers

toasted, copped almonds



olive oil

red wine vinegar

salt and pepper


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