CSA Week 2

Yesterday was CSA pickup day, and this time I did not forget the eggs! Fresh pastured eggs are one of my favorite things to eat these days, which is saying a lot because up until two years ago, if I could so much as taste the egg in anything, I did not want to eat it (I’m looking at you overly eggy waffles). But after trying pastured eggs, my whole world changed, now there is not a single meal I wouldn’t add a soft cooked egg to.


This weeks haul was impressive as usual, I even took the Mei Qing Bok Choy home this time. Hopefully it wont go to waste. Winter boxes seem to rotate around a common theme, citrus, hardy leafy greens, and squash. This week was no exception. My fruit bowl is nothing but citrus these days, this weeks box added more lemons, mandarin oranges, and two pomelos.

fruitOn the green front, there was red mustard greens, celery hearts, green leaf lettuce, and leeks. I used to panic when I got mustard greens, everyone said to cook with garlic, in a manner similar to collards, but it was always too much garlic for me. Then I found a gem of a recipe in Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen for mustard green and yam soup. At first I was pretty skeptical, but the long simmer really mellows the mustard green bite and produces a delicious and addictive soup. I may try subbing the yams for squash, as I can’t seem to get rid of my squashes fast enough before more come in. As for the celery hearts and leeks, I feel awful saying this, but it’s time to make more veggie stock. (I’ll sneak some of the carrots in there as well).

Which leaves me with broccoli, bok choy and red cabbage. The red cabbage is easy, I’ve been in love with traditional german red cabbage since I was a kid. I could probably eat that as an entire meal, although I’m sure I’ll make potato pancakes to go alongside it. The broccoli will most likely get roasted with some chili flakes, or perhaps a stir fry is in my future, which would give me a lazy way out of using the bok choy.



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