Book 4, a peek into the future.

I’m still behind, but I did finished week 3’s book, The Power of Habit last week while on vacation. I found the book to be informative, but a little slow at times. I enjoyed parts 2 (group habits) and 3 (societal habits) the most, possibly because I knew the least about them prior to reading the book. Now I should be more prepared to make this book a week reading thing stick? I think instead of measuring by weeks, and always feeling like I’m behind, I will measure by book count, and try to make it to 52 by the end of the year.

Next I started reading Lost Everything by Brian Francis Slattery which is set in the not too distant future. I’m about halfway through now, and am still a little unclear on what the big storm is about. It’s obvious that global warming has happened, and massive weather events are destroying the nation, but the war makes no sense to me, although I’m pretty sure that’s the way the author intended, only telling bits and pieces of the larger story at a time. 



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