Theres a lot to say, or I’ve always thought so. An avid blogger since the ripe old age of 12, I’ve been dabbling in being too honest online for quite a while now. Looking back, it was probably that first webpage I had, called “tigerstyle” of all things that taught me how endless the possibilities of the web are. So while I never cut my teeth programming basic, I did play with dolls, so we’ll call it even.

Despite going to college with the intention of becoming a literature major, I somehow graduated with a Computer Science degree, and am all the happier for it. Although I do still read quite a bit, lets all just be thankful that e-books came around because I’m already wall to wall in novels, tech books, cook books, knitting books, art and architecture books…. and well, just about everything.

In this blog I mostly write about food, but hopefully there will be more tech posts in the future. I am 98% vegetarian, as I choose to turn a blind eye to foods cooked in animals stocks when eating out. For the longest time I didn’t and after awhile it just because too stressful and frankly, sort of limiting.



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