A Year in Knitting


Sometimes I wonder if people buy yarn to look at or actually knit. My collection has been growing steadily over the past decade, and while it’s beautiful to look at, there hadn’t been much knitting movement this year. Busy with getting married and changing jobs, I haven’t had a whole lot of free time. So what have I knit this year? Two hats and a pair of socks.


Traveling Cable Hat in Misti Alpaca. 

This is one of those projects that probably should have been done in a solidly solid colorway, but did I mention I have a yarn problem? I’ve had this yarn sitting around for years, so I’m feeling pretty proud to have successfully used it all up! The hat itself is squishy and soft, it will be very cozy on cold windy days.


Bodhi Brim Hat in Kinit Picks Stroll

Another successful use of stash yarn. This hat called for worsted weight yarn, but I didn’t have any in a color I wanted to knit this hat in, so I doubled up some previously abandoned sock yarn, win! This hat came out a little large, but fit the recipient perfectly.

Simple Socks in Malabrigo Sock

Sometime you just need a project to get you out of a knitting rut. I hadn’t knit in almost 6 months when I picked these up while on vacation. There is really nothing like wearing hand knit socks in the winter.